Thursday, April 20, 2017

Social Issues

My social issue is illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a major social issue for the United States. Many people are coming into our country that are not legally supposed to. I chose this because i have read several books that are about people illegally coming into the united states. Most Illegal immigrants come to the US for jobs. The problem with them coming in is that they are taking up job opportunities. In some ways this is good. For instance, if they choose to work on a farm they are helping produce food and other things for the society. The bad thing is that sometimes they get in trouble with the law and have to get deported. This doesn't allow the police officers to fulfill their normal important duties to protect people and in force other laws.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

This is Mibank

Milbank has unity square. It has a pool, 2 basketball courts, a track, a workout room, racquetball courts, and a spa. Unity square is owned by the community, but unless you have a membership you have to pay to get in. it is fun for adults and kids to go their and get exercising. It is one of my favorite places to go in Milbank, because you can swim all year round.
Milbank has a very hard working community. In Milbank the community works wisely and it saves a lot of money. Only with the help of the communities money they are able to build things you don't normally in small towns. like for instance the brand new hospital, because it was built by using a lot of donations.
Milbank is the birthplace of american legion baseball. The state Tournaments are always held there. There school sports teams usually have a high record and there baseball team almost always makes it into a tournament. Their sports are good, but so are their academics. The schools laws are strict but respectable, so if you just moved here it would take a while to get used to the school.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

new update and how to perfect school

       This week my brother and sister got sick and I don't want to get sick from them over the weekend. I had to go to the chiropractor and He cracked my back super hard and now I can walk normal. Yesterday I went to the doctor for no reason at all.
       I think the worst way to teach kids is, 1 targeting kids to discipline just because they are different than other kids. 2 just telling them to study every other day then have a test every other day after the day of studying. 3 Not talking to the class very much and just showing them videos. 4 Just plain old being boring and monotone no one likes people that are boring and that's why some teachers need to be more active and involved in talking.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Weekend

              On Thursday I spent 6 hours on homework because I had homework in every class. Friday was a good day because School was cancelled because of a blizzard so is slept in until 11:00. then i went to Runnings and bought a winter coat. Ten we went to the bank and i opened a savings account that I had money in from Ohio. When we got home I instantly started playing in the snow. after a long time of making a fort wall we went inside and ate tater patch soup and grilled cheese. for desert we went outside and scooped up snow into a bowl and then we poured maple syrup on it.
             On Saturday I slept in until noon. After breakfast we went to the dairy farm to get eggs and milk. Then we went sledding at the golf course hill. After that me and my brother played basketball at Unity Square until they closed at 6:00. Ten mom made a fabulous spaghetti dinner. After that we watched a movie to finish the day.

Monday, October 31, 2016

           The Global Read Aloud "GRA" is a group around the world that is focused on reading books and having discussions about what other schools think about the book. Right now our school chose to read Orbiting Jupiter.                   Orbiting Jupiter is a book about  Joseph who is an 8th grader and has a child that is pushed away from him so he cant see her. I think that the book is about the important things that happen in real life.
           Although the book is about Joseph, it is in the perspective of Jack winch is Josephs brother in law. The kids at school that used to be Jacks friends don't like him now that he is hanging out with Joseph. At school Jacks old friends got in a friend with Joseph and jack had to come in and help him in the fight.
          My thoughts about this book is that it is very detailed and it has a good purpose showing you the hard part of real life. Its cool being able to communicate with other students about the meaning of the book and how the like it. I like the book alot myself and think its a good book to discuss with others that have or haven't read it.

Monday, September 12, 2016

               September 6, 2016

Reading Autobiography

Hi, my name is Isaac. I don’t like to read, and my favorite thing to do is baseball.  I love to be active and don’t like to sit down unless I’m tired.  One word to describe me as a reader is slow.
At home I don’t read a lot.  Our family has a lot of books; we don’t have electronic books.  Our family reads every day.  We listen to audio books in the car.  We used to read chapter books together before we went to bed at night.
At school I am a real reader.  I read chapters in school.  I do not like reading textbooks, but they are faster than going online.  I like action, mystery, or sports books that are assigned to me.  I think choice books are ok.
My reading attitude has changed and developed from elementary to middle school.  In elementary school I liked to read picture books and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  When I got older I read graphic novels and Origami Yoda books.  In sixth grade I started reading James Patterson’s Maximum Ride Series.  The books were long, but they kept my attention because they had so much action.  
My reading goal is to read more than once a week.  I want to read active books, comedy books, mystery books and sports books.  I want to learn to be a more careful reader because I usually don’t pay attention to most of the words, because I usually like to finish and get it over with.Being a careful reader is important in school so you can look for details on tests.